Happy Anniversary to Bassel and Noura and may you be together again soon

6 January 2013 was the 1 year anniversary of Bassel’s marriage to Noura, a human rights lawyer. The letter above, which is as moving and heartbreaking as it is passionate and hopeful, was sent to Noura from Bassel in commemoration of their anniversary. 

Bassel was arrested a few days before their Islamic marriage contract was due to be signed. Noura decided to finalize the marriage contract while he was in prison, explaining: “Bassel had been detained for about a year. Its been a long time and therefore I decided to finalize our marriage contract and officially get married while he is in prison. Yesterday I visited him with the lawyer and we declared our marriage. Perhaps our joy is not complete while he is still imprisoned but our rings have tied us together as a married couple. Bassel went on hunger strike in prison when they took his ring from him. Me too. I’ll hold on to this ring until Bassel comes back.”

The paragraph above is taken from “Stories from the Syrian Revolution: Love in the Time of Revolution is a Revolution”, available in Arabic here and English here